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PCF Patron

H.E the President of Uganda, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the patron of the Presidential CEO Forum. As a front liner in a “Uganda First” campaign, he has championed programs of development, mastered and visionary enhanced both private and public institutions using the core pillars of patriotism, nationalism to create a self-sustaining population with ability to drive Uganda into an industrialized economy.​

President Museveni’s profound stewardship dates way back in 1986, supporting and driving the social and economic transformation agenda as well a well-governed state grounded on democracy.​

As the President of Uganda, he is a visionary leader, with the ability to integrate results and relationships, continues to create an enabling environment for all, thriving on steadfast progress that has led the country through economic recovery, to economic progress and looks to leading the country to economic transformation and sustainability for a secured future with the mandate of Private Sector inclusion.​

His mission has always been focused on building confidence and resilience of the public and drive the will to secure a future basing on the existing foundation of peace and stability.

His Excellency the President’s Views about the Presidential CEO forum 8th Sep 2020

  1. H.E acknowledges PCF as a great initiative that will help in identifying the bottlenecks to business and economic growth so that they are addressed.
  2. H.E knows that the Government has been working to resolve four issues, namely; the cost of electricity (5 cents), the cost of money (interest rate at 12%), cost of transport (water and railway transport) and the cost of labour, which is still low. The forum is going to compliment the efforts that are in place to resolve these issues gradually.
  3. H.E believes PCF will come up with Government intervention other than the four aforementioned that the private sector needs in order to make it competitive by producing high quality products at a competitive price.
  4. H.E requested PCF to champion this through well-researched papers on those areas of Government intervention.
  5. H.E acknowledges PCF as a platform that will document the areas where the Government ministries have not complied with the BUBU policy so that he can direct them accordingly and also on the issue of delayed payments​

“I am pleased to have this platform on board to bridge the gap between the private sector and government, we (government) must appreciate their continued commitment and support, which allows the economy to grow and improve over the years – as championed by the late James Mulwana then.”

President Y.K.T.Museveni.


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