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Register for the upcoming 5th Bi-annual retreat

The 5th Bi-annual Private Sector CEO Retreat will be from 17th to 18th April 2024 in Gulu City, under the theme ‘Battle to Green field"

Our Patron

President Of Uganda, H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa Inaugurated Presidential CEO Forum On 24th August 2021

H.E the President of Uganda, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the patron of the Presidential CEO Forum. As a front liner in a “Uganda First” campaign, he has championed programs of development, mastered and visionary enhanced both private and public institutions using the core pillars of patriotism, nationalism to create a self-sustaining population with ability to drive Uganda into an industrialized economy.

Why participate in the Presidential CEO forum?

  • Seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive to transactions.
  • Access high-level networking with the country’s leading decision makers.
  • Benefit from the analysis of consultants from the leading consultancy firms in the country.
  • Stablish PPPs with public decision makers.
  • Adapt strategies to the latest economic and geopolitical trends.
  • Find out about the most promising investments projects in Uganda
  • Take part in discussions on the growth of different sectors.
  • Present the country’s vision & development strategy.
  • Meet the national & international investment communities and develop new PPPs.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote, harness and popularise private sector involvement in providing a platform that advocates for appropriate legislation, practices and policies that eliminate bottlenecks to economic development

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the leading forum that champions private sector entrepreneurs to actively participate in economic activities that foster private sector development.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Transparency and advocacy
  • Integrity
  • Private sector entrepreneurs centred
  • Value for People
  • Nationalism and patriotisms

Why Presidential CEO Forum?

The Presidential CEO Forum holds significant value in enhancing private sector inclusion for several reasons:

The forum provides a platform for direct dialogue between the President or governmental leadership and top CEOs of private sector companies. This direct interaction allows for a better understanding of each other's perspectives, challenges, and priorities, fostering cooperation and alignment towards common goals.

It serves as a venue for discussing and formulating policies that impact the private sector. By involving CEOs in these discussions, policymakers can gain insights into the practical implications of proposed policies, ensuring they are more effectively designed and implemented.

Collaboration between the government and the private sector is crucial for driving economic growth and development. The forum enables both parties to identify opportunities for investment, innovation, and job creation, leading to overall economic advancement.

Complex challenges often require input and collaboration from diverse stakeholders. The forum facilitates problem-solving by bringing together leaders from different sectors who can contribute unique perspectives and expertise to find innovative solutions.

Through the forum, CEOs can advocate for policies that support a conducive business environment, such as regulatory reforms, infrastructure development, and investment incentives. Their collective voice carries significant weight and can influence policy decisions.

By including representatives from various industries and sectors, the forum promotes inclusive growth. It ensures that the interests of different businesses, communities, and stakeholders are taken into account in policy discussions and decision-making processes.

Building trust and fostering collaboratio between the public and private sectors is essential for sustainable development. The forum facilitates relationship-building and fosters a sense of partnership, leading to more effective cooperation on shared objectives

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