Presidential CEO Forum

Shaping the Nation

A major challenge that private sector actors within the oil and gas industry face, is limited awareness about the opportunities and areas of partnership that are available, in addition to knowledge gaps about the legal and regulatory regime, and poor coordination between and among public and private sector actors. This limits their ability to plan strategically, even when they are able to overcome financial and human resource challenges, to contribute to local content.

Tanzania – Uganda oil and gas symposium (TUOG) event assembled stakeholders from Tanzania and Uganda to network, understand industry opportunities and challenges, showcase their capacities through experience-sharing, and interact with public sector actors on legal and policy matters that govern the industry in the execution of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.


  • To provide a platform for networking, learning and sharing experiences and opportunities within the oil & gas industry projects.
  • To identify key strategies that can enable partnerships and joint ventures between Ugandan and Tanzania private sector actors
  • To facilitate public-private sector dialogue on issues that affect the implementation of local content in the oil & gas industry projects

The outcomes of the Tanzania Uganda Symposium included:

  • Increased private sector awareness of the legal, policy and regulatory frameworks for oil & gas in Uganda and Tanzania;
  • creation of synergies and areas of cooperation between Uganda and Tanzania private sector companies; definition of ways and strategies of leveraging the opportunities presented by oil and gas industry for the benefit of the people of Tanzania and Uganda