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Shaping the Nation

Industrialization also contributes to economic growth by increasing industrial output, promoting innovation, and using resources for optimal production. However, as manufacturing expands, energy use will increase, and energy consumption has a negative influence on environmental quality by increasing CO2 emissions, which indirectly affect economic growth. In addition, trade allows countries access to contemporary technology and supports FDI flows, which encourages the development of clean industries

Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is one of 22 state-level industrial parks in Uganda, which were proposed by Ugandan President Museveni and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, approved by Uganda’s Ministry of Finance, organized and constructed by the Tian Tang Group. Since its launch, the project has won great attention and support from the governments of China and Uganda.


  • Sino-Uganda Industrial Park currently employs about 5,000 people and is envisaged to create jobs for over 200,000 Ugandans from the local community at full capacity. Most of the employees at the park are youths.
  • The Mbale Industrial Park is one of 22 national-level industrial parks around the country that were proposed by President Yoweri Museveni to process locally produced material for value addition.
  • The Mbale Industrial Park has been listed by the Chinese government as the industrial park with the highest potential in Uganda because of its geographical location.
  • Park is equipped with high standards infrastructure facilities according to ‘modern industrial park’ standards and is recognized by the world’s top 500 enterprises.
  • The park will set up a one-stop service centre unified with the government departments of Uganda, including customs, registration and commodity inspection to provide exclusive and convenient services for enterprises entering the park.
  • The industrial park has the first mobile substation in Uganda and will be linked to the Tororo-Soroti power line.  The installation of the mobile substation is a temporary solution to power shortages at the industrial park as government clears ground to establish a permanent substation.