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His Royal Highness Kyabazinga Hosts Presidential CEO Forum CEOs to a Royal Cultural Networking Dinner in Mutai, Jinja.

Jinja, Uganda — Wednesday 2nd August, 2023

His Royal Highness William Gabula Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga of Busoga, graciously hosted a distinguished gathering of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from both the private and public sectors at an esteemed Royal Cultural Networking Dinner. This exclusive event took place at the renowned Kiira Motors Vehicle plant in Mutai, Jinja City, signifying the momentous occasion of the 4th Bi-Annual Private Sector CEO Retreat.

Themed ‘Uganda’s Industrialisation Agenda: Positioning Uganda as a net source of E-Mobility Solutions in Africa,’ the Government Executives and Captains of Industry, assembled to reflect on past achievements and lay out a comprehensive plan for the future of Uganda’s Industry and Services sector.

HRH The Kyabazinga expressed his profound appreciation for being associated with the prestigious Presidential CEO Forum (PCF) and lauded their commendable efforts in bridging the gap between various Ministries, Departments, Agencies, and the private sector. Furthermore, he commended the Government’s unwavering dedication to NDP III and acknowledged its far-reaching impact in fostering a healthier and more informed populace.

With sincere gratitude, the King Nadiope IV acknowledged the establishment of the Industrial Park in Mutai, which has contributed to generating employment opportunities for his subjects, particularly through the presence of EV Kiira Motors.

Highlighting the urgent need to address challenges in unemployability and promote a positive mindset shift among the population, the Kyabazinga urged CEOs to earnestly seek practical solutions. HRH Kyabazinga emphasized the vast potential of the Busoga Kingdom in multiple sectors, including Mineral Exploration, Tourism, Investment, Industrialization, Agriculture, and Education. The Kyabazinga warmly invited CEOs to consider investing in Busoga and harness the promising opportunities it offers.

Speaking on the significance of the Presidential CEO Forum, Mr. Emmanuel Katongole, PCF Vice Chairperson, emphasized its pivotal role as a collaborative platform for the public and private sectors to jointly devise solutions that can drive sustainable economic development of Uganda. Since its establishment in 2020, the Forum’s fruitful discussions and conversations have significantly contributed to the country’s remarkable growth.

Distinguished dignitaries graced the occasion, including: The Right Honorable Dr. Joseph Muvawala, Katukiro of Busoga Kingdom; the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Hon. Dr. Monica Musenero; the Minister for Kyabazinga Affairs, Ms. Yudaya Babirye; and the Chairperson of PCF, Barbra Mulwana.

Upon arrival, HRH The Kyabazinga was treated to a bus ride on the Kiira Motors Kayoola EV, before ushering his subjects at the 4th Bi-annual CEO Retreat, to a sumptuous meal. The Royal Cultural Networking Dinner provided an extraordinary opportunity for fostering collaboration among key stakeholders who share a strong commitment to driving Uganda’s industrialization and economic advancement.

The Kingdom of Busoga showcased how proudly it upholds its open-door policy for partnerships and investments, paving the way for a future brimming with promising prospects for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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