Presidential CEO Forum

Shaping the Nation


The PCF is driven by Ugandans who are passionate about pursuing a movement of UGANDA FIRST which is set to drive the Private Sector expectations that will facilitate government to remain committed to attaining the middle-in come status by 2025 and achieve vision 2040 as guided by the NDPIII framework.

This realization will come through enhanced collaboration with private sector inclusion in participation in policy implementation, innovation, knowledge transfer, and enhanced workforce in understanding the vision of government as well as engagement in promoting responsive media campaigns.

The Forum advocates for an improved business climate for economic growth, job creation through indigenization, industrialization, value addition, human resource development and innovation.

PCF, rallies behind the ideology of Uganda First – which actually speaks to the President’s paper on Real Economy Vs Vulnerable economy by calling for;

  1. Local Content and Industrialization,
  2. Leadership development,
  3. Policy Formulation to enhance Social and Economic Transformation
  4. Mobilization of CEO fraternity

Local content & Industrialisation

Through creating of a supportive and comfortable space in both private and public institutions within which people can operate and succeed in realizing a social, political and economic transformation of local content. With this aspect, values and concepts are appropriated, adapted to local contexts and streamlining application of global developmental ideas to local specificities.

Leadership development

PCF is committed to drive leadership that is all inclusive and able to encourage seeking of enthusiastic and defined objectives. This factor binds together individuals, entities and the head of state towards promoting social economic transformation with in the cooperate strategic plan in line with the government agenda. Being able to profile Uganda’s top executive into the data that can be acquired of value.

Policy Formulation to enhance Social, Political and Economic Transformation.

Developing a wealth-creation motivated community that truly reflects the benefits that can be realized from private-public partnerships. Attracting investments that are key players in economic growth as well as enhancing prosperity and equality in all aspects of life. This is one of the key strategies for Ugandans and Africa to emancipate themselves from poverty into an industrial driven and sustainable economy.

Mobilization of CEO fraternity

That connects together a pool of stakeholders and raises people’s awareness about the mandate and agenda of the presidential CEO forum. This greatly assist delivery of resources and services, strengthens community participation for sustainability and self-reliance.

A lot can be achieved when people from different parts of the community share a common goal and actively participate in both identifying needs and being part of the solution.

Community mobilization helps to empower communities and enable them to initiate and control their own development.

Private Sector Inclusion

The role of the private sector in Uganda towards national development is in line with industrialization for wealth creation and shared prosperity. Worldwide, the private sector and informal sector are the largest employers, thus playing a key role in human resource development and industrialization. A vibrant private sector dictates the national development agenda and plays a key role in job creation, improvement in the standard of living, which then translates into an increase in purchasing power. Having the demand for goods and services leads to increase in production and this continuous cycle leads to job creation. Since the 90”s when the economy was liberalized, there was hope that the private sector would largely drive the economy – the Private Sector is the engine of any economy.

Leadership and development

The purpose of the forum is to create a platform that will compliment government through the Head of State’s vision so as to deliberate of strategies that leverage on solution based outputs aligned to the vision of the country, focused on innovation, policy and diversification with a commitment. ‘Shape the Nation’

Invisioning and investing in innovations, wealth creating strategies is key to achieving the purpose of the Presidential CEO forum.

Creating a pool of private-public intellectuals that drive political, social and economic transformation of Uganda.